Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA)

Country: Trinidad and Tobago


CARPHA's overall mission it to provide strategic direction, in analyzing, defining and responding to public health priotires of CARICOM in order to prevent disease, promote health and to respond to public health threats and emergencies. 


CARPHA's vision is a Caribbean in which the health and wellness of the people are promoted and protected from disease, injury and disability, thereby enabling human development in keeping with the belief that the health of the Region is the wealth of the Region. 


CARPHA's objectives are:

  • To promote the physical and mental health and wellness of people within the Caribbean;
  • To provide strategic direciton, in analysing, defining and responding to public health priorities of the Caribbean Community;
  • To promote and develop measures for the prevention of disease in the Caribbean;
  • To support the Caribbean Community in preparing for and responding to public health emergencies and threats:
  • To support solidarity in health, as one of the principal pillars of functional cooperation in the Caribbean Community; and
  • To support the relevant objectives of the Caribbean Cooperation in Health (CCH)

Mr. Roger Belgrave

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