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Mainstreaming sustainable consumption and production (SCP) in tourism

The One Planet Sustainable Tourism Programme is currently guided by the Global Strategy for Sustainable Consumption and Production 2023-2030 which proposes to accelerate the sustainable transformation of the tourism sector, focusing on climate neutral, nature supportive and pollution free operations.

SCP is about fulfilling the needs of all while using fewer natural resources, including energy and water and producing less waste and pollution. SCP aims at promoting resource efficiency and sustainable practices for the industry as well as the consumers. UN Environment (2015)

The One Planet Sustainable Tourism Programme aims to accelerate sustainable consumption and production (SCP) in tourism policies and practices to address the challenges of climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss. It supports the integration of circular economy principles and practices as a  pathway to decouple tourism operations from environmental degradation and build resilience.

Through its work, the One Planet Sustainable Tourism Programme sets the SCP agenda in the tourism sector to advance the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 12 and also delivers progress under connected goals such as SDG13, SDG14 and SDG15, respectively on climate action and the protection of marine and terrestrial ecosystems.

The One Planet Sustainable Tourism Programme is one of the six programmes of the  One Planet network and started operating in February 2015.

By leading the implementation of the Programme, UNWTO has supported translating the complexity of SCP into actionable areas for tourism stakeholders, bringing added value to more than 700 members, and generating dialogue between environment and tourism stakeholders. The Programme has also positioned circularity and sustainable consumption and production as key strategies to accelerate climate action in tourism as well as the blue economy.

The implementation of activities under the One Planet network is currently guided by the Global Strategy on Sustainable Consumption and Production 2023-2030 which identifies tourism as a high impact sector. The Global Strategy was welcomed by the UN General Assembly in December 2022 (see Resolution A/RES/77/162).


The One Planet Sustainable Tourism Programme operates as a multi-stakeholder partnership that promotes knowledge sharing and networking and provides guidance and recommendations to address collective priorities.

The Programme currently focuses on three main areas of intervention:

  • Accelerating climate action in tourism.
    Global Tourism Plastics Inititiative
    The need to transform tourism operations is of utmost importance for the sector to remain in line with international climate goals. The Programme therefore set the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism to raise the climate ambition of tourism stakeholders; trigger the development and implementation of climate action plans aligned with five pathways: measure, decarbonize, regenerate, collaborate and finance; and support capacity building.
  • Building a circular economy of plastics in tourism  
    Logo Global Plastics Initiative
    A systemic approach and global coordination efforts are required to tackle the challenge of plastic pollution. Hence the Programme set the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative (GTPI) to support tourism stakeholders globally (tourism businesses across value chains and destinations) to eliminate problematic and unnecessary plastics, integrate reuse models and collaborate across the value chain (with suppliers and waste managers) to increase recycled content and recycling rates. 
  • Transforming food value chains in tourism 
    Sustainable food production and consumption is one of the most important levers to protect planet and people. To address the issue, it is necessary to have an overarching framework for sustainable and circular management of food, with special emphasis on preventing food waste in the tourism sector. The Programme has developed the Global Roadmap for Food Waste Reduction in the Tourism Sector which is rooted on the fact that agriculture is currently the major cause of biodiversity loss and wishes to support tourism stakeholders in contributing to more sustainable global food systems.

To support the recovery from COVID-19, the One Planet Sustainable Tourism Programme released the One Planet Vision for a Responsible Recovery of Tourism calling  for a recovery which is founded on the sustainability, to build back better and underpin the resilience of tourism.

On an annual basis, the One Planet Sustainable Tourism Programme reports on progress and the collective achievement of its members. These contributions are used to prepare the official report to the High-level Political Forum (HLPF) of the United Nations Economic and Social Council.


The reports to the HLPF provide yearly updates on the collective progress made by the members of the six programmes in the One Planet network. The One Planet Sustainable Tourism Programme has been contributing to these reports since 2016. All the reports are guided by the monitoring and evaluation framework provided by the Indicators of Success of the 10-Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production.

  Annual Report of the One Planet Sustainable Tourism Programme Annual Report of the One Planet network to the HLPF
2021 Annual Programme Reporting 2021 ECOSOC E/2022/56
2020 Annual Programme Reporting 2020 ECOSOC E/2021/56
2019 Annual Programme Reporting 2019 ECOSOC E/2019/64
2018 Annual Programme Reporting 2018 ECOSOC E/2018/60
2017 Annual Programme Reporting 2017 ECOSOC E/2017/63
2016 Annual Programme Reporting 2016 ECOSOC E/2016/62


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