UN Tourism.TFDP (Tourism Faculty Development Programme)

UN Tourism.TFDP (Tourism Faculty Development Programme)

TFDP (Tourism Faculty Development Programme) is a new capacity-building initiative developed by UN Tourism and launched in 2024.

Through online courses and certification, it aims to enhance tourism educators’ and trainers’ effectiveness in teaching, training, and academic administration. Through its different academic modules, the programme will provide knowledge of curriculum and pedagogical development, practical guidelines for managing tourism academic programmes, as well as improving teaching skills through state-of-the-art methodologies and best practices.  


This online course and its certification are intended for the following audiences: 

  • Tourism and/or hospitality educators and trainers at universities, colleges, and centers that aim to improve their teaching and training performance. 
  • Department heads and college deans that seek to enhance their administrative skills in managing tourism academic programmes. 
  • Representatives from public or private institutions responsible for overseeing and evaluating the quality and effectiveness of education and training programmes in tourism and hospitality. 


The UN Tourism TFDP certification has numerous benefits such as:  

  • Update and expand your knowledge: receive the most updated information on tourism trends and best practices in the fields of innovation, investments, sustainability, and digital marketing.  
  • Upgrade your skills: discover new methodologies and strategies to communicate and deliver impactful and engaging lessons to the new generations effectively. 
  • Reputation: receive a certificate issued by UN Tourism with international recognition. 


  1. Request for implementation: UN Tourism Member States and education or training institutions can request this programme to UN Tourism. 
  2. Online or Onsite Courses: participants (nominated by the entity requesting the programme) complete the academic modules, which will include lectures and discussions, as well as assessments. Module tracks are customized to better cater to the different profiles.  
  3. Online Exam: participants who attended the minimum required online lessons are invited to take the final exam.
  4. Certification: upon successful completion of the final exam, programme participants are awarded the UN Tourism.TFDP certification. 

To obtain more information, please send an email to info@unwtoacademy.org.