Country: Iran, Islamic Republic of


1. Facilitate in tourism and pilgramage trends, provide proper patterns in all fields and services related to them 

2. To provide the grounds for comfort, meet requirements and facilitate travels of Iranian vehicle owners abroad

3. Cultural and publishing activities

4. Provide the grounds for admission of members to provide them with tourism, cultural, art, sport and credit services

5. To translate and convert driving licenses to international licenses, allocate international plates to vehicles, issue tryptech and carnets for two passages, and international vehicle ownership card

6. Join the membership of international touring and automobile organziation s 

7. To establish Iran Touring Information Overseas Representation 

8. To collect and execute training and research plans, to establish scientific research centres

9. To establish the company tour and travel agencies 

10. To establish and develop Emdad Khodro services to assist the vehicles on urban roads

11. To hold congresses, seminars and to give advice regarding dynamic tourism

12. Perform any other kind of activity directly or indirectly related to tourism and the company´s objectives

13. Participate in national and international exhibitions 


Dr. Hadi Sajjadi Rad
Director of Tourism & Handicrafts

Ms. Roya Mousavi

Mr. Ramin Afshari

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