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UNWTO offers the most complete source of tourism knowledge

Within the UNWTO Elibrary UNWTO offers more than 1400 electronic publications and 1700 tourism data sets on domestic, inbound and outbound tourism for more that 200 countries and territories which are regularly updated.

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UNWTO Elibrary


The UNWTO Elibrary is the largest online collection of publications and statistics in the field of tourism and contains all UNWTO publications published to date and 1700 regularly updated data sets and indicators on inbound (arrivals and overnight stays), outbound and domestic tourism, as well as tourism industries, employment and macroeconomic indicators on tourism.

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Depository Library Programme

Depository Library ProgrammeThe UNWTO Depository Library Programme fosters the access of UNWTO knowledge in tourism to a wider audience worldwide. Participating Depository Libraries (mainly in the academic sector) receive all UNWTO publications in at least one official language with a 50% discount and assign part of its collection exclusively to UNWTO publications and knowledge.

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UNWTO encourages dissemination of its work and is pleased to consider permissions, licensing, and translation requests related to UNWTO publications. 

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