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Sustainability as the New Normal

Sustainability as the New Normal

To mark World Environment Day, the One Planet Sustainable Tourism Programme led by UNWTO announces its new vision for global tourism– growing better, stronger, and balancing the needs of people, planet and prosperity.

Restarting Tourism

Tourism Recovery

Governments have responded quickly and strongly with the level and coverage of measures steeping up over time. Most countries have adopted economy-wide stimulus packages (fiscal and monetary measures) along with job support measures.

Restarting Tourism

Restarting Tourism

At its fifth meeting, UNWTO changed the emphasis towards restarting tourism. The Committee endorsed UNWTO’s Global Guidelines to Restart Tourism, an action plan focused on the Priorities for Tourism Recovery.

Supporting Jobs and Economies Through Travel & Tourism

Recommendations for Action

Supporting Jobs and Economies Through Travel & Tourism

A Call for Action to Mitigate the Socio-Economic Impact of COVID-19 and Accelerate Recovery

COVID-19 Related Travel Restrictions

Travel Restrictions

This latest research shows that while discussions on possible first measures for lifting restrictions are underway, 100% of destinations worldwide still have COVID-19 related travel restrictions for international tourists in place.

UNWTO Tourism Recovery Tracker

Tourism Recovery Tracker

As tourism slowly restarts in an increasing number of countries, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has developed the first comprehensive tourism recovery tracker worldwide, monitoring a number of relevant indicators throughout the recovery of tourism.

Market Intelligence

Latest Impact Assessment

The UNWTO World Tourism Barometer monitors short-term tourism trends on a regular basis to provide global tourism stakeholders with up-to-date analysis on international tourism.

Recomendations on plastics and COVID

Plastics and COVID-19

A new set of Recommendations published today outline how the global tourism sector can continue in its fight against plastic pollution while effectively facing the public health and hygiene challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Tourism Recovery Technical Assistance Package

We are facing an unprecedented global health crisis, the repercussions of which are being felt in all sectors of society and the economy.

Education & Training Initiatives


Improve your skills and knowledge by joining the webinars delivered by UNWTO and those created and delivered directly by our partner Institutions and experts. You can join Live Webinars or come back to them in our Recorded Webinars’ section.

Measures to support travel and tourism

UNWTO Global Tourism Dashboard

Loss of 850 million to 1.1 billon international tourists
Loss of US$ 910 billion to US$ 1.2 trillion in export revenues from tourism
100 to 120 million jobs at risk


Measures to Support Tourism

This compilation of country and international policy responses aims to share and monitor worldwide measures to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 crisis in the travel and tourism sector and accelerate recovery.



By staying home today, we can travel tomorrow
Our response must be fast, coherent and united so that we can all travel again

Impact Assessment of COVID-19 on Tourism

Know the Impact

International tourism has seen continued expansion, despite occasional shocks, demonstrating the sector’s strength and resilience and benefiting all regions in the world.

Tourism and COVID-19

Supporting Recovery

UNWTO calls for solid international leadership and for tourism to be included as a priority in future recovery efforts

Health advice for tourists

Health advice for tourists

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, many people around the world continue to travel: for leisure, for business and for vital humanitarian reasons.