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The UNWTO World Tourism Barometer monitors short-term tourism trends on a regular basis to provide global tourism stakeholders with up-to-date analysis on international tourism.

The report is published four times a year and includes an analysis of the latest data on tourism destinations (inbound tourism) and source markets (outbound tourism). The Barometer also includes a Confidence Index based on the UNWTO Panel of Tourism Experts survey, which provides an evaluation of recent performance and short-term prospects on international tourism.

UNWTO Member States, Associate Members and Affiliate Members receive the UNWTO World Tourism Barometer as a part of member's service.

International tourism recovered 63% of pre-pandemic levels in 2022, with Europe and the Middle East in the lead

International tourism recovered 63% of pre-pandemic levels in 2022. Over 900 million tourists travelled internationally in 2022, double those in 2021 though still 37% fewer than in 2019

  • International tourism saw stronger than expected results in 2022, backed by large pent-up demand and the lifting or relaxation of travel restrictions in a large number of countries.
  • Over 900 million tourists travelled internationally in 2022, double those in 2021 though still 37% fewer than in 2019.
  •  International tourism recovered 63% of pre-pandemic levels, in line with UNWTO’s scenarios published in May 2022.
  • Europe, the world’s largest destination region, recorded 585 million arrivals in 2022 to reach nearly 80% of pre-pandemic levels (-21% over 2019). The Middle East enjoyed the strongest relative increase across regions in 2022 with arrivals climbing to 83% of pre-pandemic numbers (-17% versus 2019).
  • Africa and the Americas both recovered about 65% of its pre-pandemic visitors, while Asia and the Pacific reached only 23%, due to stronger pandemic-related restrictions.
  • By subregions, Western Europe (87%) and the Caribbean (84%) came closest to their pre-pandemic levels.
  • The year 2022 saw a strong rebound in tourism spending, resulting in the recovery of pre-pandemic levels in income across many destinations.
  • Looking ahead, international tourism is set to consolidate its recovery in 2023, backed by pent-up demand, particularly from Asia and the Pacific as destinations and markets open up.
  • The UNWTO Panel of Experts survey indicates that 72% of respondents expect better performance in 2023. However, most experts (65%) also believe international tourism will not return to 2019 levels until 2024 or later.
  • Based on UNWTO’s scenarios for 2023, international tourist arrivals could reach 80% to 95% of pre-pandemic levels this year, with Europe and the Middle East expected to reach those levels. However, important risks remain ahead, especially economic and geopolitical.
  • Tourists are expected to increasingly seek value for money and travel close to home in response to the challenging economic environment.

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