From Vision to Action

From Vision into Action

One Planet Vision for a Responsible Recovery of the Tourism Sector

From Vision to Action - A call for exemplary initiatives

The One Planet Vision was launched on the occasion of World Environment Day providing strategic guidance for a responsible recovery of the tourism sector in line with UNWTO priorities.

To inspire governments and the private sector to recover better, we are now inviting stakeholders which are leading by example to share their initiatives for a responsible recovery.

In particular, we are looking for initiatives that:

  • focus on one or more of the lines of action recommended in the Vision, namely: public health, social inclusion, biodiversity conservation, climate action, circular economy and governance and finance;
  • show how implementation of the lines of action is possible by sharing insights, guidance, policies, tools and communicating results; 
  • are strategic to accelerate sustainability in tourism as they are rooted in measurement;
  • provide open source or free to use content for other stakeholders to be inspired, replicate and scale-up.

Dissemination of selected initiatives will take place following a phased approach through UNWTO and One Planet social media channels.

To participate, please fill in the survey below. To facilitate the preparation of replies, a PDF version of the survey can be downloaded here.

If you need assistance throughout the process or have questions, please contact

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