UN Tourism Students’ League

UN Tourism Students’ League - Who

Can you resolve the current challenges of the Tourism Sector? Build a team and come and give us your best solutions.


The categories for each league/Challenge per year will be announced clearly beforehand.

Only 1 Registration/Team per School/Institution/University for each age category/per challenge* will be accepted and will need an official support letter from the Institution they represent, clearly stating the names of the students/team members. 
* the same students cannot work on the 2 independent challenges, the students must be different for each challenge. 

Requirements for Individual Student / Teams participation

  • Students/teams from

    • Students/ Education & Training Institutions from UN Member States**
      ** * Submissions from students/Institutions located in a territory that is the subject of a dispute of sovereignty or other, before the United Nations will not be considered.
  • For the Middle School Category (11-13 year-old), the submissions will be made by the School (single or multiple student Team to be decided by the school) with the designation of 1 student as representative. 
  • For High School (14-18), Undergraduates (max. 25 year-old) and Master degree students (max. 29 year-old), the submissions will be made by Teams of 5 Members + 1 Institution representative/teacher
    • Teams of 5 permanent members + the possibility to draw-in 1 extra team member from another degree, etc according to the level of studies established.
      • Creative thinking and problem solving
      • Ability to think out-of-the-box
      • Teams must be effective communicators and have a good understanding and defend the Global Tourism Code of Ethics and SDGs
  • Each submission must be supported by the Institution with an official letter

National UNWTO Students' Leagues

  • Ages to be defined for each country
  • Participation in Teams of 5 members + 1 Institution representative/teacher *

      *Students who have completed previous degrees in other subjects will not be accepted in order to maintain the impartiality of age groups and life experience between teams

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