Cours OMT à les Emirates Arabes Unis sur Leadership en Tourisme

Cours OMT à les Emirates Arabes Unis sur Leadership en Tourisme

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the UNWTO.Themis Foundation and the Ministry of Economy of the United Arab Emirates are jointly organizing the UNWTO Executive Training Course in the United Arab Emirates on Leadership in Tourism, in Dubai from 30 October to November 2016, with the participation of qualified tourism officials and industry professionals from the host country as well as from Bahrain, Egypt, Kingdom of the Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Qatar.


Leadership is vital to the effectiveness of any organization, especially in today’s fast-moving tourism sector. The objective of this course is to provide participants with the knowledge, skills, tools to lead themselves, others and teams more effectively, which will enable better results for all parties. Participants may develop a greater awareness of self and their impact on others, discover how to motivate more effectively and lead teams.


The combined theoretical and practical course will allow participants to share useful experiences through presentations from international experts, discussions, debates, group work and practical activities.




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