6th UNWTO Silk Road Task Force Meeting, Urmia, Iran

6th UNWTO Silk Road Task Force Meeting, Urmia, Iran

 6th UNWTO Silk Road Task Force Meeting

22-25 April 2016

Urmia, West Azerbaijan Province, Islamic Republic of Iran

The ancient Silk Road city of Urmia, West Azerbaijan Province, Iran hosted the 6th UNWTO Silk Road Task Force Meeting. The meeting was jointly organized by UNWTO, the Iranian Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Association (ICHTO) and the West Azerbaijan Province.

The meeting focused on the three key pillars of the Silk Road Action Plan: i) marketing and promotion ii) destination management and capacity building and iii) travel facilitation. The Task Force agreed that while the Silk Road presents extensive opportunities for development, success will be determined by establishing strategies and objectives that are achievable for all destinations.

Official UNWTO Press Release (29 April 2016)

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Official Opening

Workshop: Marketing and Promotion

Workshop: Capacity Building and Destination Management

Workshop: Travel Facilitation and Connectivity

Workshop: Standards and Certification on the Silk Road

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