Bridge the gaps! Skills for a New Tourism Ecosystem Conference

Bucharest, Romania

The event aims to solve the gap between the curriculum and the current requirements on the tourism labor market.
We should sit down at the dialogue table, teachers and tourism professionals, to find together solutions to overcome the gaps between the skills formed through the curriculum and the skills required by the industry.

The tourism industry is constantly evolving, constantly adapting to new trends, requirements and challenges. However, tourism curricula do not always keep pace with change and may fail to develop the skills young people need to succeed in the sector. This creates a skills gap between what industry expects and what graduates can offer. Some of the skills gaps identified at the industry level are: digital skills, sustainability awareness, intercultural skills, communication skills, leadership skills, creativity, entrepreneurship and problem-solving skills. These skills are essential for tourism professionals to provide quality services, create innovative products and meet diverse customer needs.

The impact of this gap on the tourism industry can be significant, as it can lead to reduced customer satisfaction, decreased competitiveness, lost innovation and missed opportunities for growth and development.
To close these gaps, it is important to align the tourism education curriculum with the current and future needs of the industry, to provide pupils and students with more opportunities for practical and experiential learning, to encourage collaboration and partnership between academia and industry, and to continuous professional learning and development among tourism professionals be promoted.


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