Rethinking Tourism Through Heritage at Shalamar Garden (UNSECO Site)

Rethinking Tourism Through Heritage at Shalamar Garden (UNSECO Site)

Shalamar Gardens (UNESCO Site), AH1, G. T. Road, Shalamar Town, Lahore, Punjab 54000, Pakistan

Tourism Department has the mandate and responsibility to promote Punjab as destination of choice for international and domestic tourists. To provide soft image of Pakistan, Tourism Department has prepared documentaries on famous sites and cities of Punjab. Realizing Punjab’s tourism potential and keeping in mind the need to preserve the cultural heritage, Tourism Department has launched multiple initiatives to promote the local festivals and heritage within Pakistani communities and abroad. The overall goal of the programme is to increase acknowledgement and preservation of Punjab’s indigenous heritage and promotion of responsible cultural tourism. There are total of 06 UNESCO sites in Pakistan out of which four of them are located in Punjab. This year Tourism Department being the only Government body with the mandate to promote Tourism in Punjab has decided to promote Shalamar Garden (UNESCO site) and open this site for night Tourism. This Promotion will help in projection of Punjab’s, Pakistan soft image across the world enhancing tourism traffic in Punjab, and bring socioeconomic development at different tourist attractions in Punjab.



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