Programme de formation de l’OMT au Royaume de Bahreïn sur les Guides Touristiques du 22 septembre au 28 octobre

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the UNWTO.Themis Foundation and the Bahrain Tourism & Exhibition Authority (BTEA) are jointly organizing the UNWTO Training Programme on Tour Guiding in Manama, Bahrain (22 September-28 October 2018). The programme will take place in collaboration with the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFGTA) and with the participation of Bahraini tour guides.

This programme, aimed at improving the skill sets and techniques of local tour guides in Bahrain, is divided into two courses: a Hands-on Tour Guiding Course (HoT) for 100 participants and a Train the Trainer Course (TtT) for 12 selected participating guides. The latter course will create local capacity to allow for the activity to be replicated in the future. Both courses will get Bahraini guides the opportunity to get acquainted with international tour guiding standards and promote WFTGA’s code of guiding practice.

With their performance significantly influencing tourists’ involvement in host destinations, tour guides are not only key-front players in the industry but also of the Bahraini community. a community that values interaction and storytelling, two main ingredients in the tourists’ Middle Eastern experience.

The UNWTO Training Programme on Tour Guiding takes an innovative and compound approach in improving the skill sets and techniques of local guides in Bahrain: embracing technology; considering changes in tourist behaviour and demand; and using an interactive methodology incorporating group discussions, problem solving, role play, practical guiding, and technical visits to local museums and other tourism sites.


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