International Centres

International Centres


The International Centres associated to the UNWTO Academy (ICs) are Education & Training institutions that, with the support of their NTA, will become UNWTO partner institutions for the development and implementation of Tourism Education and Training initiatives. Their purpose is to work as UNWTO knowledge and training hubs, ensuring that the state-of-the-art knowledge and good practices available at UNWTO are delivered under the format of workshops, seminars, or other education and capacity building modalities. These activites will be carried out under the guidance and supervision of the UNWTO Academy.

Cooperation Framework

Within this framework, the International Centres are expected to host, on an annual basis, a minimum number of UNWTO Academy activities (different formats and durations) and are also expected to guarantee the human and financial resources for this purpose. In order to fully meet the needs of all UNWTO Members and the Tourism Sector as a whole, all activities within this cooperation framework must have a regional or international scope (either geographic or thematic).

Who can apply

Any education or training institution endorsed by its National Government.


  • To have (or be in the process of obtaining) at least 1 UNWTO.TedQual Certified Programme and be endorsed by its National Tourism Administration.
  • To be (or has initiated the process to become) a UNWTO Affiliate Member.

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