The 16th UNWTO Asia/Pacific Executive Training Programme on Tourism Policy and Strategy organized by UNWTO will be held in Seoul from 07 - 11 November 2022.

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16th UNWTO Asia/Pacific Executive Training ProgrammeThe restart of tourism across Asia and the Pacific represents an opportunity to rethink our sector, the benefits it delivers and the impacts it has on people and planet. To ensure that tourism fulfils its enormous potential as a driver of sustainable and inclusive economic growth and social empowerment, we need clear and committed leadership at every level and in every country.

Thanks to the Asia Activity Fund, sponsored by the Government of the Republic of Korea, the Executive Training Programme is the only initiative od its kind in the Asia-Pacific region. It has gained a well-deserved reputation for its stimulating content and thought-provoking discussions over the past 15 years, and this year will be no exception. I am encouraged to see the pertinent topics of public-private partnerships, innovation and support for SMEs and MSMEs, on the agenda and I am confident that all participants will provide expert insights form their own countries as well as from their own experiences as tourist.

I commend the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism for inviting officials from different Member countries to this event, which will be help in person back in Korea for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic. I also send a warm welcome to all attendees and wish you a productive and inspiring few days as we work together to mobilize tourism investment, particularly in the Asia and the Pacific region.

Since 2006, the UNWTO has convened the Asia and the Pacific Executive Training Programme on Tourism Policy and Strategy annually. This Executive Training Programme is the only programme of its kind in the region and is renowned for its stimulating content and thought-provoking discussions. The theme and subject of the Programme change each year and has historically had far-reaching impacts both for the host destination and the attendees. 

The delegates who attend the Executive Training Programme are high-level officials within their respective governments across Asia and the Pacific region. Through a series of lectures, discussions, debates, and presentations, the Training Programme provides a welcoming forum in which public sector tourism executives gain a better understanding of the latest trends in tourism policy. It also provides a platform for sharing knowledge and experience, to learn of successful practices in policy and strategy formulation and implementation. The Training Programme gives participants the opportunity to improve their strategic tourism skills and, through a newfound network of regional contacts, continue to develop these skills going forward. After fifteen years of strong support from the government of the Republic of Korea (ROK), has become an iconic activity of UNWTO in the region. Also, it will again be fully sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the ROK.

The overall theme for the 16th UNWTO Asia/Pacific Executive Training Programme is Investment in Sustainable Tourism.

The programme is specifically designed to support tourism policymakers and managers. It aims at strengthening effective and responsive policies and strategies that in turn must adapt to changing priorities and concerns at the national and destination levels. 

The overall objectives of this training programme are to enhance participants' understanding of strategies and methodologies to promote investment in the tourism sector. In particular, as the environment and paradigm of the tourism sector changes after the COVID-19 pandemic, it will be an opportunity to gain deep insight into the following through lectures by tourism experts, case studies of each country, and discussions among participants.

  • Basic guideline and framework for Tourism Investment
  • Current status and prospects of Tourism Investment in Asia and Pacific region after COVID-19 pandemic
  • Changes in tourism environment and trends due to COVID-19 pandemic
  • Strategies and methodologies to promote Investment in Sustainable Tourism
  • Desirable Government policies for Investment in Sustainable Tourism


Session Presentations (to be updated)

Member States Presentations (you can download all the presentations through the link HERE)

  • Indonesia, Mr. Jubilar PASKORO, Acting Director, Directorate of Inter-Institutional Relation, Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy
  • Japan, Ms. Chiaki OYA, Deputy Chief, UNWTO Regional Support Office for Asia and the Pacific 
  • Maldives, Mr. Ali SHINAN, Deputy Director General, Policy & Development Division, Ministry of Tourism 
  • Pakistan, Mr. Muhammad Adil ZAIDI, Manager, Finance Department, Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation 
  • Vietnam, Ms. Truong THI THU HUONG, Senior Official, Travel Management Department, Viet Nam National Tourism Administration 
  • Bhutan, Mr. Sangay TENZIN, Deputy Chief Legal Officer, Legal Services, Tourism Council of Bhutan 
  • Chile, Mr. Sebastian GONZALEZ MARÍN, Coordinator, Territorial Management and Climate Change Unit  
  • Mongolia, Ms. Bayartsetseg PALAMDORJ, Senior Officer, Tourism Policy Coordination, Ministry of Environment and Tourism 
  • Republic of Korea, Ms. Heui Jeong HAN, Marketing Manager, Smart Tourism Team, Incheon Tourism Organization 
  • Samoa, Ms. Liaigata Alise FAULALO-STUNNENBERG, Chair of Board of Directors, Samoa Tourism Authority 
  • Cambodia, Mr. Chhiv TRY, Advisor to the Ministry, Director of International Cooperation and ASEAN Department, Ministry of Tourism
  • IndiaDr. Pawan GUPTA, Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Tourism & Travel Management, Autonomous body of the Ministry of Tourism
  • Laos, Mr. Kingxay CHOUNLAMOUNTRY, Director, Tourism Business Management Department, Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism
  • Lithuania, Ms. Rūta BANKAUSKAITÉ, Acting Head, Tourism policy division, Ministry of Economy and Innovation
  • Myanmar, Ms. Khaing Mee Mee HTUN, Director, International and Regional Cooperation Department, Ministry of Hotels and Tourism
  • Vanuatu, Ms. Geraldine TARI, Principal Accreditation Officer, Department of Tourism
  • Fiji, Mr. Navneet KUMAR, Tourism Officer, Tourism Department, Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Tourism
  • Malaysia, Ms. Siti Rohanis MOHAMAD ROZE, Principal Assistant Director, Tourism Policy and International Affairs Division, Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (Best Presentation)
  • Nepal, Mr. Sitaram GHIMIRE, Under Secretary, Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation
  • Philippines, Mr. Christopher MORALES, Assistant Secretary, Regional Monitoring Service, Department of Tourism
  • Sri Lanka, Ms. Tharanga RUPASINGHE, Director, Standard and Quality Assurance, Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority

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Mr. Sinyoung An
Senior Officer
Regional Department for Asia and the Pacific, UNWTO

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