ICCA Masterclass in Kazakhstan

UNWTO - ICCA Masterclass in Kazakhstan - October 2019

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the Mayor’s Office of Nur-Sultan will be organizing the 8th UNWTO Global Summit on the Urban Tourism in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan on 9-12 October 2019, under the theme “Smart Cities, Smart Destinations”.

At the request of Mayor’s Office of Nur-Sultan, UNWTO Academy and ICCA (a UNWTO Affiliate Member)  are to host on 9th of October, in Nur-Sultan  (Kazakhstan) a Masterclass on the Meetings Industry. 

This Masterclass, organized by UNWTO Academy and ICCA, will give participants an opportunity to get access to free Executive Education training delivered by ICCA experts and enhance their expertise on the Meetings industry. It will serve as a platform to explore the potential of this segment and equip all participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to further develop it in their destinations, while harnessing the many opportunities it offers for advancing the competitiveness of the destination. 

The Meetings industry, which includes amongst others, meetings, conventions and congresses, is today recognized as a promising segment by destinations who acknowledge its potential for fostering socio-economic development, recognizing it as a great ally in the advancement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs´).

UNWTO - ICCA Masterclass is addressed to industry professionals and government officials from Kazakhstan Tourism Administration, private companies, associations and academia who have or will have responsibilities in the tourism sector of their country related to the area of Meetings industry. 

Main Themes of the Masterclass:

  • An introduction to the international association meetings industry (What is ICCA and its role as the knowledge hub for the meetings)
  • Why are destinations focusing on the Meetings industry? Current trends and linking the economic cluster to the meetings that you bid
  • How to research and bid to win future meetings: dos and don’ts"

For more information please visit: https://bit.ly/2GDJqSy

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