UNWTO Grow with Google Masterclass on Digital Marketing

UNWTO Grow with Google Masterclass on Digital Marketing and Promotion In collaboration with Turismo de Portugal

The UNWTO Academy and Google, in collaboration Turismo de Portugal, will host an UNWTO Grow with Google Masterclass on Digital Marketing and Promotion.

Quick facts about the UNWTO Grow with Google Masterclass


Digital Marketing and Promotion


24 - 25h October 2019


Google campus, Lisbon



Workshop hours

10.00 - 17.00 - 24th October 2019

10.00 - 13.00 - 25th October 2019

Target audience

Qualified tourism officials from European Member States, working in the areas of or with knowledge on Marketing Research & Intelligence and / or Marketing & Communication


The objective of this Masterclass is to provide participants with knowledge, skills, tools, best practices and a forum for discussion about increased popularity of social channels and its profound effects on tourism marketing, affecting on one hand the way travelers make purchase decisions but also how destinations and tourism businesses communicate with the audience. Online reviews, social sharing and new social channels play a vital role in defining the attractiveness and reputation of a destination but can also have potential harmful effects in the case  of negative reviews and critics. 

The UNWTO / Google Grow Regional Masterclass will give  the opportunity to officials from European Member states to advance their knowledge on digital marketing, data analysis and to leverage the tools that Google offers to enhance the visibility of their destination.


Digital Marketing

Analytics for better decision-making

Research tools

Social media

Methodology and


This 2-day Masterclass, given by two international experts, will follow step-by-step practical methodology, with short presentations, discussions, debates and extensive group work and practical activities.





Candidates wishing to apply for the UNWTO Grow with Google Masterclass on Digital Marketing and Promotion can do it by visiting the landing page and follow required instructions.


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