Tourism leaders accelerate the sector’s growth united

Tourism leaders accelerate the sector’s growth united

UN Tourism News
Special edition | 117 Executive Council

Tourism leaders accelerate the sector’s growth united
Education and Investments are Cornerstones to Transform Tourism

Tourism leaders from every global region have met to advance plans to transform the sector against a backdrop of challenges old and new.

Affiliate Members
UNWTO Welcomes 18 new Affiliate Members

The newly admitted UNWTO members reflect the diversity of the broad tourism sector, with private companies, Destination Management Organizations, universities, professional associations, Intergovernmental Organization and NGOs, all represented.

The Marrakesh Call to Action on SMEs Digitalization

At the 117 UNWTO Executive Council, delegates presented the Marrakesh Call to Action undertaken to enhance and strengthen efforts to accelerate digital transformation of the tourism SMEs and to support a sustainable and resilient recovery.

UNWTO Startup Competition in Morocco

The 117th UNWTO Executive Council was also the stage to launch UNWTO Startup Competition in Morocco.
We encourage Startups and Entrepreneurs from Morocco to present their ideas to innovate the Moroccan tourism sector for future generations and transform the sector into a digital one that is more sustainable, inclusive, and resilient.

Thematic Session on the potential of tourism SMEs

The session brought together Ministers of Tourism alongside leading figures from the private sector to address the biggest challenges standing in the way of smaller enterprises fulfilling their potential to drive change.

Digital Futures Pledge by Morocco

Morocco signed the Digital Futures Pledge to support 10.000 local SMEs, encourage them to participate in UNWTO Digital Futures Programme, and offer creative data-driven solutions.
Moroccan entrepreneurs will take a digital diagnostic tool, put specific training programs into place, and foster partnerships with major technology companies to accelerate digital transformation and provide creative solutions to scale up their businesses.

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Marrakech Call to Action: UNWTO Boosts SMEs Digitization

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UNWTO Executive Council in Marrakech to focus on SMEs and tourism digitalization

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Travel Communication

UNWTO: Rethink and Transform Tourism by Supporting Talent and SMEs

Travel Communication

UNWTO: Education and Investments are Cornerstones to Transform Tourism

UN Tourism News
UN Tourism News
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