Tourism Opens Minds

This Is The Begining Of The Tourism Opens Minds Initiative
Where It Goes Depends On You


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The Pledge

Tourism moves people, ideas, and economies. It brings us directly into other people’s lives. Tourism is fatal to preconceptions, As it has the power to bridge cultures

Because when we move, so do our minds.
And the more we move, the more our minds and hearts open.

So why then do we so often close ourselves off from the world?
And allow the fear of the unknown, the feeling of not being welcome,
the worry that the way is not yet paved,
make us visit the same places, meet the same people, and have the same stories and experiences.

At The World Tourism Organization we have a duty,
To foster people’s desire to discover the entire world,
making the unknown more inviting,
and enabling new connections between strangers,
to give back to tourism the power to build bridges.

That’s why, on this World Tourism Day, we launch the Open Minds Campaign.
Starting with a symbol.
A symbol embracing all places and people,
inspired by the colors of the flags of every country in the world.
Yet, a symbol is only as powerful as the actions behind it.
For this, we take a pledge.

A pledge to develop tourism in less visited regions, to open up new opportunities,
And to create moments to establish a dialogue between strangers.
To make travel a truly heart and mind-opening experience.
For all of us, everywhere.



Pledge to work with the World Tourism Organization to make lesser-known destinations more welcoming and accessible.


Pledge to work with the World Tourism Organization to help cater to and foster an environment that compliments lesser-known destination trips.


Pledge to be open-minded to new cultures and destinations while holding an open heart while travelling.


The Emblem: Ways To Show Your Commitment

We have crafted a comprehensive set of guidelines that serve as a powerful symbol of your brand's unwavering commitment to this noble cause. By adhering to these guidelines in all your communications, you demonstrate that you have taken the pledge and are actively working towards its realization.

Tourism Opens Minds | UNWTO initiative