UNWTO / WTM Silk Road Bloggers Trip to Armenia

UNWTO / WTM Silk Road Bloggers Trip to Armenia

UNWTO/ WTM Silk Road Bloggers Ch@llenge 2012:

Social Media Experts blog their way around Armenia’s best kept secrets

On 8-14 September 2013, the Republic of Armenia, a leading Silk Road destination, hosted the winners of the Silk Road Bloggers Ch@allenge, an international event designed to enhance the online and social media presence of the Silk Road by engaging top-travel bloggers in a competition to create the best online travel blog on the Silk Road.

Officially launched at WTM London 2012, the Silk Road Bloggers Ch@llenge was generously sponsored by the National Competitiveness Foundation of Armenia, who awarded the winners of the challenge, Mr. Jonathan Powell and Ms. Nailah Hayward, with an exciting explorative trip around Armenia. During their stay, Mr. Powell and Ms. Hayward were able to delve into the rich cultural and natural attractions of Armenia, a captivating experience documented in a series of blog entries focused on topics ranging from the outstanding Armenian gastronomy to the exciting city-life of Yerevan.

‘What a week and I can't believe I've already repacked my things to head back to the US. I will bid Armenia a farewell for now, but with hopes of heading back again soon’, reported Ms. Hayward in one of her most recent blog-entries.

Mr. Powell concurred: ‘Currently Armenia is a little known holiday destination for most Brits, but that is changing. It won’t be long until everyone has sold their villa in Tuscany and is trying to buy a caravanserai in Gegharkunik. You heard it here first.’

The panel of judges composed of representatives of Travel Perspective and UNWTO acknowledged that the contributions made by the two winning bloggers were an excellent example of how social media can be utilized to capture the essence of the Silk Road, thus captivating readers and promoting tourism across the historic routes.

UNWTO would like to thank the National Competitiveness Foundation of Armenia for sponsoring the Silk Road Bloggers Ch@llenge,and would like to draw attention to 'The Social Silk Road', a Silk Road social media event designed as a follow-up to the 2012 Silk Road Bloggers Ch@llenge.

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