The Social Silk Road at WTM London 2013

The Social Silk Road at WTM London 2013



Aimed at Silk Road destinations and stakeholders, this interactive session assessed the potential of social media to raise awareness and drive tourism development along the historic routes by focusing on the strategies and best-practice examples currently being implemented by the industry.

Background: What was this event about?

Over the past 20 years, the internet has become the most frequently visited source of information for holidaymakers researching and booking a trip. Today, tourists are increasingly turning to social media channels for trip inspiration - through videos, photos, blogs, check-ins, reviews, forums, etc. User-generated content, created by the millions of tourists travelling each year, is decisively influencing consumer interests and preferences on a day-to-day basis. Although generally agreed that destinations should make the most of these developments by encouraging the exchange of user-generated content on their destination websites and platforms, challenges do arise in terms of guaranteeing an integrated and coherent approach to branding, stakeholder involvement and interaction, and joint marketing campaigns. This event, hosted by industry leaders for industry leaders, discussed the opportunities and challenges arising in an age of user-generated content and assessed the role of social media in encouraging tourism along the Silk Road.

Social Media on the Silk Road – results of the UNWTO/WTM survey

In addition to input provided by renowned experts and country representatives, this session also presented the results of a WTM country report on social media developed by the social media consultancy Travel Perspective with the help of UNWTO.

The Silk Road Social Media event will be moderated by Mark Frary, Co-Founder, Travel Perspective


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