One year ago today: WHO defined the COVID-19 outbreak as a pandemic

One year ago today: WHO defined the COVID-19 outbreak as a pandemic

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UN Tourism News #22 | 11 March 2021 | Remedink - Recover - #RestartTourism

It has been a year like no other. The COVID-19 pandemic brought global tourism to a near-complete standstill. From the very start, UNWTO united a sector in crisis, provided guidance in times of uncertainty, and offered expert support to Member States in every global region. Now, as the pandemic enters a second year, we look back at key events and developments, from being tourism's first responder to leading the shift towards recovery and the restart of tourism.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is closely monitoring developments related to the outbreak of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), both in China and worldwide and is cooperating closely with the World Health Organization (WHO).

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A Joint Statement on Tourism and COVID-19 - UNWTO and WHO Call for Responsibility and Coordination

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Putting people first

 WHO characterizes COVID-19 as a pandemic

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) hosted a high-level virtual meeting, bringing together key UN agencies, the chairs of its Executive Council and Regional Commissions, and private sector leaders. Tourism is the economic sector that has been hardest hit by COVID-19 and all participants accepted an invitation from the UNWTO Secretary-General to become part of a Global Tourism Crisis Committee, formed as UNWTO prepares to launch a global guide for recovery.

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Stay home today, #TravelTomorrow

UNWTO Launches a Call for Action for Tourism’s COVID-19 Mitigation and Recovery

Report: Travel Restrictions 1: 96% Of Global Destinations Impose Travel Restrictions

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International Tourist Numbers Could Fall 60-80% in 2020, UNWTO Reports: Tourism has been hit hard, with millions of jobs at risk in one of the most labour-intensive sectors of the economy

The top solutions for accelerating the recovery of tourism have been celebrated in the ‘Healing Solutions for Tourism’ Challenge.

Tourism Recovery Technical Assistance Package Post COVID-19: The package is structured around three main pillars: economic recovery, marketing and promotion and institutional strengthening and resilience building.

CNN Joins UNWTO on #TravelTomorrow Campaign

UNWTO Launches Global Guidelines to Restart Tourism

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Leading by example - #RestartTourism

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres: “Tourism can be a platform for overcoming the pandemic. By bringing people together, tourism can promote solidarity and trust”

Sustainability as the New Normal - The One Planet Vision for the Responsible Recovery of the Tourism Sector

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Governments in every world region have a dual responsibility: to prioritize public health while also protecting jobs and businesses

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UN Secretary-General Policy Brief on Tourism and Covid-19: “It is imperative that we rebuild the tourism sector in a safe, equitable and climate friendly manner”

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Coordinating crisis response - #RestartTourism

UNWTO Executive Council Backs Strong, United Plan for Global Tourism

UNWTO Highlights Potential of Domestic Tourism to Help Drive Economic Recovery in Destinations Worldwide.

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Global Tourism Crisis Committee Meets Again: Coordination, Vital Ingredient for Recovery

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New International Code to Provide Greater Legal Protection for Tourists

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UNWTO and CNN Partner for Global #RestartTourism

Campaign Tourism Back to 1990 Levels as Arrivals Fall by More than 70%

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Global Tourism Crisis Committee Meets Again to Explore Safe Travel in Age of Vaccines

2020: Worst Year in Tourism History with 1 Billion Fewer International Arrivals

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Harnessing the Power of Culture and Creativity in Tourism Recovery

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Looking ahead for the safe #RestartTourism

UN Agencies Partner for Guide to Help Women in Tourism Recover from Crisis

Tightened Travel Restrictions Underline Current Challenges for Tourism


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