1st Experts Meeting on Cultural Tourism

1st Experts Meeting on Cultural Tourism

1-2 December 2022, Madrid, Spain

Comunidad de Madrid

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the Community of Madrid – through the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sport – are organizing the 1st Experts Meeting on Cultural Tourism.

The convergence between tourism and culture is based on the growing interest of visitors in authentic and memorable experiences in destinations with carefully designed, differentiated and sustainable cultural offer. Managers of cultural tourism resources are working to adopt and implement models that harmonize the interests of all the agents that converge in the destinations, enhancing the value of their heritage and cultural expressions.

The objectives of this meeting, which will gather several approximately 15 experts in Cultural Tourism from all over the world representing destinations, cultural attractions, academia, and private entities, are the following:

  • Identify current trends in the sector
  • Recognize policies and governance models that harmonize interests and benefit all stakeholders in the destinations
  • develop recommendations for countries and destinations in terms of positioning and tourism promotion based on cultural offerings. 
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