Tomorrow’s Air: Pioneering Collective for Carbon Removal with Permanent Storage

Tomorrow’s Air: Pioneering Collective for Carbon Removal with Permanent Storage

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16 December 2020

Tomorrow’s Air: Pioneering Collective for Carbon Removal with Permanent Storage

Responsible recovery for global tourism will require not only vision and openness to new ideas but also practical mechanisms to enable the various types of stakeholders involved in travel - whether as providers or as consumers - to take meaningful action at scale. Platforms that motivate and enable groups of stakeholders to act in concert have the potential to focus and amplify the power of travel as an industry for good.

Tomorrow’s Air is one such tool - a collective action vehicle enabling travellers, travel businesses, and other travel industry stakeholders from destinations, equipment and gear manufacturers to technology partners -  to participate in carbon removal with permanent storage at affordable price points.

As a new climate conscious consumer brand fully owned and incubated by the Adventure Travel Trade Association, Tomorrow’s Air combines the wisdom and connections the ATTA has established over nearly 20 years of supporting sustainable travel businesses and their entrepreneurial leaders with innovation to remove carbon from the atmosphere and permanently store it.  A key element of Tomorrow’s Air is digital and live inspiration and education campaigns supported by a growing cadre of Artists for Air to help activate millions, focusing the global muscle of travel for carbon removal.

Here’s how it works today:

Travellers subscribe to monthly plans for carbon removal via direct air capture along with permanent storage provided by Climeworks. A portion of the subscription fee covers education and awareness building efforts provided by Tomorrow’s Air. Subscribers receive a monthly confirmation of their carbon removal along with access to travel benefits and social recognition of their leadership.

Travel companies may subscribe in the name of their founder at one of the individual subscription levels and/or negotiate a corporate partnership to remove higher levels of CO2 in combination with larger education and inspiration campaigns about the role of travel in climate action.

Destinations, travel retail brands, and travel technology partners  may negotiate custom removal partnerships, participate in education campaigns, and sponsor/co-host climate action in travel related events that convene the Tomorrow’s Air global climate conscious traveller community.

“Tomorrow’s Air is unique because it provides an affordable carbon dioxide removal solution with permanent storage tailored to travellers. Alongside this, we’re custom - curating travel benefits based on our knowledge and connections in sustainable travel, and we amplify each individual’s contribution alongside our unconventional approach to inspiration, education and awareness-building,” said Christina Beckmann, Tomorrow’s Air co-founder and vice president of global strategy at the Adventure Travel Trade Association. 

One example of the accessible and fun approach to carbon removal education Tomorrow’s Air is taking is the “Pull Carbon Dioxide from the Air” experience offered through Airbnb’s Online Experiences platform. Travellers interested in learning more about how direct air capture carbon removal works firsthand can take an online hour-long tour of Climeworks’ Hinwil direct air capture plant in Switzerland, hosted by Tomorrow’s Air and Climeworks. 

21st century leaders visionary leaders not only care about their own business, their own personal realities -  they lead and spark others to act for the benefit of all.  Tomorrow’s Air is the first platform focused on carbon removal with permanent storage to bring the travel industry together for tangible, measurable action to help stop global warming.

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