N107-108, IFEMA - FITUR ,Madrid,es

UNWTO Workshop on Product, People and Policy: Understanding the Success of Asian Tourism

Part of FITUR2019


The Asia and the Pacific plays a vital role in global tourism, both as an inbound and an outbound market. Total arrivals in the region grew by a steady 6% in 2017, in line with the preceding year, to reach a total of 323 million. The region’s market share of arrivals has gradually increased from 16% in 2000 to 24% in 2017.


Please note that we only have a few seats left available for the venue for those who did not have time to register. 

Kindly take into consideration that we would advise all registered participants to come 10 minutes before the beginning of the workshop. 

For any question, please contact Ms. Harmony Lamm: hlamm@unwto.org or Ms. Hyeon-Jin Lee: hjlee@unwto.org  

Workshop Documents:

Workshop Programme


Tourism Trends in Asia and the Pacific - Presentation by Ms. Sandra Carvao

Tourism Products and Policies of Asia and the Pacific - Presentation by Ms. Harmony Lamm