International Folklore Festival of Salamina

International Folklore Festival of Salamina

UNWTO Silk Road Programme highly values and supports creative industries along the Silk Road. Ms Alla Peressolova, the head of the UNWTO Silk Road Programme, participated in the International Folklore Festival of Salamina, which took place from 19 till 24 July 2017 on the island of Salamina, Greece. This year festival was organised under the Silk Road theme.  

In her presentation, Ms Peressolova stressed the importance of the events and festivals as means of safeguarding, promoting and passing knowledge of intangible heritage to the future generations. During the Closing Ceremony, Ms. Peressolova mentioned:

"We are now all standing before a very important moment. The trade routes that influenced and changed the course of civilisations, the road which enabled culture, music, and dances to travel from East to West and from West to East, this unimaginable Silk Road Cultural Heritage was before of our eyes and I feel privileged to have witnessed such an outstanding Silk Road Folklore Dancing Show.

I can clearly see the importance of Likion ton Ellinidon Salaminas in being the ambassador of amazing folklore and cultural heritage of Salamina. The United Nations World Tourism Organization is here and supports your incredible work and performances that you have delivered all these days. I speak from the point of knowledge when I say that Salamina has a huge tourism potential and capacity to create special experiences that the contemporary travellers look for nowadays. Festivals like this empower, strengthen, and raise the profile of Salamina Island Internationally.

We must acknowledge that Tourism is the most prosperous industry of Greece and initiatives like this Silk Road Festival should be embraced and supported in order to open the path to sustainable tourism development. This is why the Silk Road Programme of UNWTO is here, to support you."

Dancing groups from Greece, Romania, Russia, and Spain - UNWTO Silk Road member states - performed and presented their national folklore dances at the festival.

This festival aims to foster cultural exchange through the creative art of folklore dancing and music that can establish ties of friendship and cooperation among civilisations.

The Festival greatly contributed to the promotion of the Western Silk Road Tourism Development Initiative, a joint project of UNWTO and European Commission. The organisers believe that the Silk Road and its invaluable heritage can be a strong and recognisable cultural reference point and give momentum to the tourism flows to Greece and Salamina Island.

More information on the facebook page of the International Folklore Festival of Salamina


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