Session 3. Employment: a Key Aspect of the Social Dimension of Sustainable Tourism

The MST initiative considers the three dimensions of sustainability (environmental, economic and social). This session will address employment as a key consideration of the social dimension and highlight how these data and the important cultural aspects of tourism may be incorporated to provide an integrated data view.
Central paper: Employment, Green Jobs and Sustainable Tourism, presented by Mr. Igor Chernyshev, ILO/UNWTO consultant (summary) (doc) (ppt)
Moderator: Mr. Rafael Diez de Medina, Chief Statistician and Director, Department of Statistics, ILO
  • Mr. Ma yiliang, Head of Tourism Statistics, CNTA Tourism Data Center and China Tourism Academy, China: “The Measurable Contribution by Tourism to Employment and Poverty Alleviation in China” (summary)
  • Ms. Roxana Arguedas, Information Administration, Instituto Costarricense de Turismo, Costa Rica: “Social Progress Index in Tourism Destinations in Costa Rica” (summary) (ppt)
  • Ms. Chen Xu, Cardiff Business School: "Linking Tourism Satellite Accounts and Economic Development: The Role of Social, Labour and Capital Accounting" (summary) (ppt)
  • Mr. Vincent Nijs, Research Project Manager, VisitFlanders (Belgium): “Learnings from ‘Resident Attitudes towards Tourism’ for Tourism City Management Activities” (summary) (ppt)
  • Mr. Christophe Demunter, Tourism Statistics Section, European Commission (EUROSTAT): "Tourism Contribution to EU Labour Markets" (summary) (ppt)

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