Session 4 Part I. Subnational Measurement in the Philippines

Tourism is “seen and felt” at the destination level, with management taking place at this level. At the same time, broader policy direction and resource allocation is often made at the national level, and policy implementation can be the role of intermediate, regional authorities. There is also an overarching demand for global monitoring as reflected in the SDGs. The relevance of information at different spatial scales is a strong rationale for harmonization between data at national, regional and destination levels to facilitate policy coherence and effectiveness.

This Part I will focus on the pioneering work in the Philippines and how it can feed the Statistical Framework for Measuring Sustainable Tourism.

Moderator: Ms. Maria Cherry Lyn S. Rodolfo, Consultant in Tourism and Aviation, The Asia Foundation, Philippines


  • Mr. Candido J. Astrologo, Assistant National Statistician, Philippine Statistics Authority: “Scaling Up the Local Tourism Data Ecosystem of Guimaras” (summary) (ppt)
  • Ms. May Lacao, Palawan Council for Sustainable Development: “Recreational Services in the Province of Palawan” (summary) (ppt)
  • Ms. Maria Corazon M. Ebarvia, Project Manager, Partnerships in Environmental Management for the Seas of East Asia (PEMSEA), Quezon City, Philippines: “Assessment of Blue Economy in the East Asian Seas Region” (summary) (ppt)

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