World Tourism Day - WTD-2011

The WORLD TOURISM DAY - 2011, 27th September , will be celebrated here at Agri Tourism India in a big way ... Since the theme of the WTD 2011, are similar to vision and objectives of our company - AGRI TOURISM INDIA, we here at India , link various cultures through Tourism Activities across India ! On 27th Sept 2011, we have planned to celebrate WTD 2011in the following manner : The urban tourists & other tourism stake holders from various parts of India will be invited to our Agri Tourism center, there will be half day conference on tourism, on the theme " Linking cultures through tourism " and next half day will be actual village tours, farm/agriculture tours, seeing and doing new things, in the evening there will be cultural programs performed by local farmers and communities , the food and meals will be prepared by local people with local tastes ! The next door primary school children will have drawing competition; topic will be “Culture & Tourism “the winners will be given cash prize! Here in INDIA we have linked tourism with agriculture since 2004, this has helped farmers of our country .Urban population is increasing day by day. Today, urban children’s world is restricted in the close doors of a school, home and centre around television, video game, computer, fast food and internet. Living in urban area, they have not enjoyed the beauty of Mother Nature. Agri Tourism Development Corporation, did the research in 2004, and found that 43% of urban population did not have any relative left in the village. 97% of urban population wants to experience the rustic beauty of village life. This gives an opportunity to develop tourism centre in the village based on agriculture activities and other side Farmers in village are engaged in farming activity through out the year. Their incomes from farm produce depend on good monsoon, good harvest and good marketing. It is experienced that the income from agriculture farming is only once or twice in the year, but the expenses are on weekly basis, it is very difficult for the farmer to sustain throughout the year, since the income is not sufficient. To make farming sustainable and feasible there was a urgent need of some experiment in addition to the traditional farming, after three years of consistent research and studies, Shri Pandurang Taware concluded that Tourism was one such experiment that will generate weekly income which can compensate weekly expenses of the farm.


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