viventura`s Dental Care program for deprived schoolchildren

viventura provides tours in both a socially and environmentally responsible manner. To celebrate World Tourism Day viventura supports the new project of the foundation viSozial taking place at the school of San Juan Apóstol in Arequipa. All children of the school will get the opportunity to receive a dental treatment from the Instituto Odontológico Americano. The organization will also hand out brochures describing the correct way of toothbrushing. Most parents of those children know that dental treatments are expensive and so they never send them to a dentist. viSozial in cooperation with viventura gives them the chance to reach a certain awareness of dental care. When visiting the social project in Arequipa next time viventura Peru travelers will receive a healthy smile from the children and know they contributed to it. For more information about the German tour operator viventura visit To find out more about the foundation viSozial visit


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