At 6:30 pm on September 27th, in Portugal and Brazil, all Vila Galé units are going to toast Tourism. In association with the motto of the WTO (World Tourism Organization) for the celebration of World Tourism Day 2011, "Tourism - Linking cultures', Vila Galé units will gather a large number of customers and employees at the same time, in the lobby of each hotel, for a great toast to Tourism. All costumers are invited to raise their glasses, with wines from Casa de Santa Vitória, and to toast, each in his own language, “To Tourism”. The fans of the Group are also invited to raise their glasses at the same time on social networks (facebook, twitter, etc.). This way, Vila Galé Group intends, in keeping with the spirit of the motto set by the WTO, to celebrate tourism in the diversity of cultures, business areas, clients that make it possible, encouraging the removal of the barriers that separate cultures and fostering tolerance, respect and mutual understanding.


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