UNWTO Capacity Building Course on E-Marketing, Harare, Zimbabwe, 23 to 27 March 2015

Zimbabwe is hosting the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) course on eMarketing, organized together with the UNWTO.Themis Foundation and the Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality Industry of Zimbabwe (Harare, 23-27 March 2015).

This course, to be delivered by two international experts, Karin Elgin-Nijhuis and Montserrat Peñarroya, wishes to examine concepts and elements on eMarketing, some eMarketing strategy models and its design, as well as to provide the participants with knowledge, skills, tools and a forum for discussion and reflection on the topic of the course.

Elcia Grandcourt, Regional Director for Africa at UNWTO, said: “I am pleased to announce that UNWTO and the UNWTO.Themis Foundation are offering the eMarketing course in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality Industry of Zimbabwe. The nature of new technologies means businesses now truly have a global reach. While traditional media costs limit this kind of reach to huge multinationals, eMarketing opens up new avenues for smaller businesses, on a much smaller budget, to access potential consumers from all over the world. The use of social media today allows the marketer to reach consumers worldwide with the possibility of offering a wide range of products and services. I trust that upon completion of this course, participants will be better equipped to make use of this platform effectively to the benefit of your organization, and wish a successful course to all the participants from the SACD countries”.


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