Third Silk Road Travel Forum

Launched as a joint effort between WTO and APTEC, the Kyoto Forum provided an ideal opportunity to familiarize Silk Road countries and their tourism products with the salient Japanese market. The Forum’s main objectives were met: to establish a business relationship between the Silk Road countries and the promising Japanese outbound market, as well as to provide the travel trade with detailed information about on-going Silk Road tourism activities.


  • Urging national tourism administrations to appeal to their governments regarding Visa Facilitation along the Silk Road and the exploration of a possible Silk Road tourist visa for all countries
  • Silk Road countries should begin promotion in Japanese market gradually, in order to establish substantial business links with Japanese counterparts
  • The targeting of seniors in the Japanese market as an affluent age group for tourism
  • Appeal to aviation authorities for further improvements in facilitating charter flights for multi-national tours



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