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Dear sir, We are pleased to inform you that DTPC Ernakulum is organizing a world tourism day celebration at DH ground- A public Art show.. ACROSS THE AIR , This will be the first in this kind to celebrate this auspicious day. In addition to the PUBLIC ART SHOW , a workshop by CHILI artist on theatre for Tourism clubs members will be arranged on these days at the same venue. Once again I request your presence on 27 th sep.2011 morning 10-30 am at DH ground . Details of the programme is as follows. Thanking you Regards T.N. Jayasankar. SECRETARY DTPC & CENTRE IN CHARGE ,KITTS ERNAKULAM Across the Air Open-air environmental installations by Anna-Lea Kopperi and Abhilash Unni Plants for Free! Interactive performance by Anna-Lea Kopperi, Thursday, 29th Sept. 2011 Tourism linking Cultures - World Tourism Day celebrations by District Tourist Promotion Council at Durbar Hall Ground, Kochi, Kerala, September 27th - 29th, 2011 "Across the Air" is an environmental show of visual artists Anna-Lea Kopperi from Helsinki, Finland, and Abhilash Unni from Kochi, India. Two contemporary artists create a site-specific exhibition at Durbar Hall Ground, Ernakulam, Kochi in Kerala, South-India, starting at the International Day of Tourism, the 27th of September 2011. The open-air installations are open for public during three days. The artists will be present to meet and discuss with the press and the audience at certain times. Anna-Lea Kopperi gives Plants for free in her interactive performance on Thursday, September 29th, at Durbar Hall Ground. Two artists of two ultimate different cultural backgrounds met and started their working process in Kochi. They planned their art pieces very site-specific to the central city space, where different social groups meet. Likewise the working process of these artists from two different cultures, also their art piece enables interaction with the visitors. They are invited to take part in a performance to collect, plant and take care of a tree of their own. Anna-Lea Kopperi builds up Across the Air with hundreds of decomposing white tissue bags, that hang and fly on a hundred meter long lines tied to palm trees. The white bags have a form of an undershirt referring to the human body and human being that essentially remains very the same regardless of the cultural, national and social differences. The concept of responsibility will be manifested further in her interactive action: On the last day of the exhibition small plants are given out to carry away in the white the carry bags. Everybody willing to collect a tree will get it free for planting it wherever he desires to. Professional photographer and video camera document the performance. For or a later video show and installation the documentary videotapes will be edited professionally. On the ground Abhilash Unni brings a round structure with hundreds of recycled water bottles. On the bottom of each bottle is attached a photograph of a person of different nationality. The visitor may enter the round structure of bottles and look at all the photographs. The pictures tell about the tendencies of movement of the human being and visualize the freedom to break boundaries between nationalities. In the installation the environmental and social issues in the global world and environment become visible. Kopperi and Unni attempt to build up the awareness of the content and means of contemporary environmental art to the public. Their art pieces communicate directly the environmental and human values. They enable direct interaction and changes in the minds and actions of the viewers. Born in Kitee, Finland, Anna-Lea Kopperi lives and works in Helsinki. Kopperi has studied in Finland and abroad, and graduated from the Düsseldorf Academy of Fine Arts in 1996. She is best known for her environmental and communal works, and spatial sculptures. In site-specific pieces, Kopperi explores concepts such the environment and the situational through material, light and interaction. Architectural, historical and ecological aspects of the site influence the emergence of installations, sculptures, and actions. Choice and sparse materials transform the space into the artist’s own personal statement. Anna-Lea Kopperi’s works have been on display in numerous exhibitions at home and abroad since the early 1990s. Her sculptures have been erected in and around Finland and Europe. For more about the artist, please visit District Tourist Promotion Council, Tourism linking Cultures - World Tourism Day September 27th 2011


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