Fourth International Meeting on the Silk Road

Attendants of the Fourth International Silk Road Meeting convened in Bukhara to address the issue of sustainable tourism development, stressing the benefits of cultural stimulation and ecological tourism along the Silk Road.

Bukhara Declaration

The signatories of the Bukhara Declaration identified over excessive visa and custom regulations as an impediment to the progress of the Silk Road as a tourism destination. Consequently, WTO appealed to the Silk Road countries to ease their visa formalities. Additional issues included an invitation to local and international stakeholders to invest in Silk Road tourism, thus guaranteeing a perspective of economic and social stability, and the request of the WTO Secretariat to maximize the full potential of the Silk Road Tourism Project emblem for global promotion.

Bukhara Declaration available here:

Establishment of a “Silk Road Support Office” in Samarkand

The delegates attending the Fourth International Silk Road Meeting also agreed to study Uzbekistan’s offer to host a Silk Road Support Office in Samarkand. It was at this city where the original Silk Road Project was launched in 1994.



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