Coral Rehabilitation Project 2011 for a Sustainable Tourism - Linking cultures with Nature

Vivanta by Taj Coral Reef, Maldives in collaboration with the Blue In Maldives Diving & Sailing will be starting a second Coral Rehabilitation Project to support, to monitor and to sustain the preservation of Maldivian coral reefs. The same is planned in September 2011 in a spirit to celebrate the World Tourism Day 2011. The Project is scheduled to launch on 22-23 September 2011 with a series of activities planned all over the WTD Week and will involve guests and associates from different nationalities to join hands in promoting sustainable tourism - thereby integrating cultures with mother nature. The project promotes coral fragment settlement and growth by applying asexual propagation methods which are cost effective to a degraded reef by impacts due to human interactions. Benefits of participating in such a project are: • Essential for tourism and fisheries • Providing sea defenses for low-laying islands and beach erosion • Preserving coral reefs for future generations • Creating awareness among local communities and visiting guests • Active involvement is educational and fun • Showing corporate responsibility concern towards the marine environment • Creating attraction for the clientele of the resort • Reducing carbon footprint emissions To enhance this effect we will invite our guests to make a donation to “adopt a coral” and provide an underwater view of the adopted coral through the Web. The client will watch from home how their coral is growing. We are certain that the guests will be happy to participate in this endeavor that is launching on World Tourism Day. For any further details, please contact the Learning & Development Cell or The Blue In Maldives Diving & Sailing Team at +960 6641948


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