2nd UNWTO Knowledge Network Global Forum - Innovation in Tourism: Bridging Theory and Practice

2nd UNWTO Knowledge Network Global Forum - Innovation in Tourism: Bridging Theory and Practice


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UNWTO Knowledge Network Meeting (28 May)

2nd UNWTO Knowledge Network Global Forum (29-30 May)

Innovation in Tourism: Bridging Theory and Practice

In a fast-paced world of constant change, innovation is essential to adapt to ever varying customer needs, demographics, government policies, environmental conditions and technology. The tourism sector is no exception. As one of the most buoyant sectors of today´s global economy, tourism needs to face the challenge to position itself in ever more complex national and international markets while staying sustainable. Under this light, the key for successful and sustainable tourism development at all levels can be linked to the ability of its stakeholders to foster innovation in their approach to the development process.

The key to ‘innovation’ for sustainable development is directly associated with how to access relevant and updated pool of knowledge resources and manage them promptly and appropriately to meet and overcome the difficulties and challenges. Likewise, innovation is more likely to be best achieved through the creation of networks that serve as both repositories, generators and disseminators of such knowledge; more so in an interconnected world where the internet a wide array of possibilities to network like never before.  

The 2nd UNWTO Knowledge Network Global Forum

In continuation of the successful discussion and declaration adopted at the first UNWTO Knowledge Network Forum in Algarve, Portugal, 2011, the UNWTO and the University of Anáhuac, in collaboration with the Instituto de Competitividad Turística de la Secretaría de Turismo del Gobierno de México, will jointly organize the 2nd UNWTO Knowledge Network Global Forum: Innovation in Tourism: Bridging Theory and Practice, scheduled from 28-30 May 2014.

The Forum continues to host the important discussions to bridge the fields of theory and practice and to create a two-way transfer of knowledge and know-how, placing the main focus of the debate on innovation in recognition to its central role to increase tourism socioeconomic contributions to sustainable development worldwide.

These specific objectives directly align with the UNWTO program of work and policies and significantly set the stage for comprehensive policy and development strategies, business and operational groundwork, research and education systems for preparing the future workforce of the largest industry in the world.

Confirmed Keynote Speakers

  • Alfredo González, Senior Vicepresident Global Partnership Development, Brand USA
  • Arnie Weissmann, Editor-in-chief, Travel Weekly - Innovation in Tourism: Products and Experiences
  • Alejandro Zozaya, CEO, Apple Leisure Group - Innovation in Tourism: Competitiveness
  • Jason Nash, Vice President, Product Innovation, Travelport - Innovation in Tourism: Technology

Selected Papers on Innovation in Tourism

All papers have been evaluated by at least two members of the Forum’s Scientific Committee who have expertise in the subject area. Scholars and practitioners from around the world serve on this Committee.

Once the abstract has been accepted, participants should submit:

  1. The extended paper:The full version of the paper has no length limitations, but less than 25 pages is preferred including tables and figures. Use 1.5 spaced, Arial 12 point type.

Tables and charts to be placed after the reference list. If based on company/agency case study, a reference list is not required but suggested. Please use APA style for the reference list.

  1. The presentation: Selected Papers are allotted 15 minutes at the Forum for presentation. Presentation must include the title of the paper, the autor(s) and up to 8 slides preferred. Power point or Prezi format are recommended

Scientific Committee Members:

  • Prof. Don Hawkins, Eisenhower Professor of Tourism Policy and Professor of Tourism Studies, School of Business, George Washington University
  • Prof. Eduardo Fayos-Solà, Professor at University of Valencia and President of the Ulysses Foundation
  • Ms. Eunji Tae, Coordinator, UNWTO Knowledge Network Programme
  • Prof. Francisco Madrid, Director, Tourism School Universidad Anáhuac Norte
  • Prof. Hazael Cerón, Coordinator of Anahuac Tourism Research Centre, Anáhuac University
  • Prof. Jafar Jafari, international Program Director of the Universitat de les Illes Balears and Faculty Member of the University of Wisconsin-Stout Department of Hospitality and Tourism
  • Prof. Kaye Chon, Dean of School of Hotel and Tourism Management, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Prof. Maribel Osorio, Coordinator of Tourism Studies Research Centre, Autonomous University of the State of Mexico
  • Prof. René Rivera Lozano, Academic Coordinator of Cultural Tourism, Anáhuac University
  • Prof. Victor Chalé, Knowledge Management Director, Ministry of Tourism of Mexico

Referee Committee Members:

  • Prof. Alzbeta Kiralova, Vice Rector for International Affairs & External Relations, University of Business in Prague
  • Prof. Fanny Vong, President of Institute for Tourism Studies in Macao
  • Prof. Magda Antonioli, Director of Master in Economy of Tourism (MET), Bocconi University 
  • Prof. Sonja Sibila Lebe, Professor at University of Maribor and Head of Scientific Committee at Multidisciplinary Research Institute Maribor
  • Prof. Darko Prebežac, Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb



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