Seventeenth meeting - Committee on Statistics and the Tourism Satellite Account

Seventeenth meeting - Committee on Statistics and the Tourism Satellite Account

The Seventeenth meeting of the Committee on Statistics and the Tourism Satellite Account was held, on 24-25 January 2017, in UNWTO Headquarters.

  • Towards a Statistical Framework for Measuring Sustainable Tourism (MST) (item for discussion):
    • Proceedings of the Meeting of the Working Group of Experts on Measuring Sustainable Tourism (doc) (ppt(agenda item 3.1)
    • Statistical framework for measuring sustainable tourism – Draft outline (doc) (ppt(agenda item 3.2)
    • Linking the accounting frameworks of the SEEA and the TSA – Draft outline for a Technical Note (doc) (ppt(agenda item 3.3)
    • Options for allocating environmental flows to tourism through integration of data from tourism and environmental-economic accounts (doc) (ppt(agenda item 3.4) 
    • Pilot studies' progress (agenda item 3.5):
    • Global Implementation of the SEEA (ppt(agenda item 3.6)
    • Global Assessment on Status of Tourism Statistics in countries (ppt(agenda item 3.6)
  • Measuring tourism at subnational levels (item for disucssion):
    • Tourism, territory and sustainability: a statistical insight at subnational levels (doc) (ppt(agenda item 5.1)
    • Note by the Chair of the Committee (doc(agenda item 5.2)
    • European Regions measuring sustainable tourism for effective policy making (NECSTouR) (ppt) (agenda item 5.3)
    • Operational framework for measuring sustainable tourism in destinations: the case of Santorini (ppt) (agenda item 5.4)
    • A we-based regional tourism satellite account information system - the case of Guangdong, China (ppt) (agenda item 5.5)
  • SDGs indicators
    • Draft response from the Committee to the IAEG on SDG indicators (doc(agenda item 6)
  • Programme of Work (item for discussion):
    • Report of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) on tourism statistics to UN Statistical Commission (doc(agenda item 7.1)
    • Possible way forward and priorities (agenda item 7.2):
      • Draft outline TSA Compilation Guide (doc) (ppt)
      • Proposed MST research program (doc) (ppt
  • Big Data: opportunities and challenges (item for information)
    • Lessons drwan by the Task Force Big Data (ppt) (agenda item 8.1)
    • Possible uses of Big Data in the compilation of National Accounts: The case of the Tourism Satellite Account of Mexico (ppt) (agenda item 8.2) 
  • Round table discussion on New Phenomena: "sharing economy" (item for information)
    • Private tourism services through digital platforms (doc) (ppt) (questionnaire: EnglishFrench and Spanish(agenda item 9.1)
    • ​Challenges for the accommodation statistics due to newly emerging booking platforms – the Vienna example (ppt(agenda item 9.2)
  • Presentations
    • Information tools for decision-making in Tourism for Peru (ppt) (agenda item 10.1)

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