Sustainable Tourism at Inland Water Destinations

Participants of the seminar on “Sustainable Tourism at Inland Water Destinations”, co-organized by the Government of Serbia and UNWTO on 26-27 May 2013, enjoyed not only excellent discussions on the opportunities and challenges of sustainable tourism at inland water destinations, such as rivers, lakes, canals, estuaries, deltas and marshes, but also a two-day boat cruise on the Serbian Danube.

The seminar, which gathered over 130 delegates from UNWTO Member States, experts and practitioners, started off with a look at best practices in managing tourism in inland water destinations. Examples were provided of how sustainability criteria can be integrated into product development, and case studies presented on how to attract and manage the increasing number of tourists visiting inland water destinations in a responsible and sustainable manner.

The participants then assessed how partnerships can be created to ensure sustainable development at inland water destinations, taking into account the complex social, economic and environmental factors inherent to inland water destinations. A strong case was made for increased collaboration between governments, international organizations, civil society and the private sector with a view to integrating tourism within overall territorial development. The case was supported by presentations of innovative, multi-stakeholder projects that are leading the field in this area.


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