UNWTO Regional Workshop “Tourism and the Media”

UNWTO Regional Workshop “Tourism and the Media”

The rise of tourism over the past 60 years has been one of the most remarkable socio-economic phenomena of our times. Since 1950, the number of tourist trips has grown by an average of +6% a year reaching over one billion in 2012 and yielding revenue growth of +11% a year. The benefit to the economies of many developing countries has been enormous. Subsaharan Africa, for example, has doubled its international tourist numbers over the last decade only.

But the media coverage of tourism is more likely to portray it as a succession of palm-fringed beaches, ancient monuments and spectacular wildlife, than as a sector injecting skills, capital, employment and opportunity into societies. Does this matter? What impact does the way tourism is portrayed have on the sector itself?

Join the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) to discuss these questions and to gain practical insight into the many angles of tourism reporting on March 26 and 27 at Lusaka, Zambia.




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