International Seminar on Destination Management - New Challenges, New Solutions

International Seminar on Destination Management


In recent years, there has been increasing recognition of the need for sound and planned management of tourism destinations. From traditional marketing and promotion boards the trend is for Destination Management Organizations (DMOs) to become leading organizations with a broader mandate which includes strategic planning, coordination and management of a full range of activities within an adequate governance structure with the integration of different stakeholders operating in the destination under common goals. Destinations where such an organization is not still in place are increasingly creating or plan to create a DMO as the organizational entity to lead the way.

These developments stem from the urge to achieve an optimal management of the destination which ensures that the various authorities, all relevant stakeholders and professionals are coordinated by a leading entity under a coherent strategy and a collective vision in pursuit of a common goal, the competitiveness and sustainability of the destination. This approach should also engage the residents and the local community in the tourism policy and decision-making process and its implementation in a truly Public (P) – Private (P) – Community (C) approach. Read more

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