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Centre Stage 'Next Steps' webinars

These webinars are a manner to engage all participants in the final phase of the Centre Stage Project by providing the opportunity to share their experiences about the implementation of their Action Plans.

All Centre Stage participants from all countries (Jordan, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Mexico) are invited to all webinars:

  • Session 1 Monday, November 28 from 16h00 –17h00 CET
  • Session 2 Wednesday, November 30 from 16h00 –17h00 CET
  • Session 3 December 5 from 16h00 –17h00 CET
  • Session 4 December 7 from 16h00 –17h00 CET

Each 60 minute session will be focused in one of the participating countries. Attendees are expected share their own experiences with fellow participants and share good practices while discussing next steps and opportunities.

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