UNWTO TedQual Benefits

UNWTO TedQual Benefits

At present, the UNWTO.TedQual Programme offers the following advantages and benefits to the Institutions that have obtained the UNWTO.TedQual Certification:

  • A unique certification in that it is the only international quality certification issued by UNWTO for higher tourism education, training and research programmes.
  • It allows privileged use of the UNWTO.TedQual logo on official stationery, promotional materials and documents accrediting the Programme.
  • It entails international promotion of the Institution and its programmes through UNWTO’s various communication tools and mechanisms.
  • To be part of the UNWTO.TedQual Network – a platform where Institutions share knowledge, good practices and technical support, and therefore being included in the following programmes:

UNWTO.TedQual Exchange Programme

  • Internship opportunities for students and professors at UNWTO.TedQual Institutions and at the UNWTO.Themis Foundation;
  • Scholarship opportunities for the “Tourism and International Cooperation for Development” university course;
  • Participation in joint research projects;
  • Participation, as editor/author, in the UNWTO.TedQual Publications (Magazine, etc.);
  • Participation in the UNWTO.TedQual Worldwide annual event;
  • Support from UNWTO (Participation and dissemination of information) for the organization and holding of conferences and other activities carried out by members of the UNWTO.TedQual Network.

UNWTO.TedQual Mentoring Programme

  • Participation in cooperation-for-development projects in less-developed countries with the aim to support the creation or improvement of their study programmes.

Other UNWTO Activities

  • Inclusion in the database normally used by UNWTO for its calls-for-tenders;
  • Support the work, related to tourism education, of our Member States and Sister Organizations within the UN Family.
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