UNWTO Academy - Amadeus Masterclass

UNWTO Academy - Amadeus Masterclass on Data for better tourism planning and management

26 February 2020. Podgorica, Montenegro


At the request of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro, UNWTO Academy and Amadeus (a UNWTO Affiliate Member)  are to host on the 26th of February, in Podgorica (Montenegro) a Masterclass on Data analysis for better tourism planning and management. 

This Masterclass, organized by UNWTO Academy and Amadeus, will give participants an opportunity to get access to free Executive Education training delivered by Amadeus experts and enhance their expertise on data analysis,  tourism planning and management. It will serve as a platform to explore the potential of data analysis and equip both decision-makers and market research employees with the right skills to understand the value of data and how data can help them to better plan and manage tourism development in their destinations while harnessing the many opportunities it offers for advancing the competitiveness of the destination. Increased use of big data provides powerful tools for improving the quality of the sector through greater accuracy and strategic insight means a challenge to organizations.This Masterclass will make emphasis on the further development of Montenegro’s tourism professionals and will help to take full advantage of the opportunities in the strategic planning, promotion and management of the destination.

UNWTO Academy - Amadeus Masterclass is addressed to high-level industry professionals, government officials and national and local tourism organizations representatives from Montenegro.

Montenegro is a full-fledged member of UNWTO since 2007 and for the first time, Ministry is organizing this kind of event in order to help invited professionals to improve skills needed for qualitative tourism managing development.