UN Tourism News: Investing in tourism means investing in opportunity

UN Tourism News: Investing in tourism means investing in opportunity | Daily 03

UN Tourism General Assembly 25 - Daily 02

Investing in tourism means investing in opportunity

119 Executive Council

The Members of the Executive Council recommended that Secretary-General serve a third term in office. The proposal for a new mandate was put to the Council by Uzbekistan, with Members voting in favor of the agenda item, which will now be put to the General Assembly.

Global Investment Forum

The UNWTO Global investments Forum took place yesterday opening a platform to discuss tourism investments with Ministers, CEOs and investment experts. Main highlights of the Forum include:

The 25th General Assembly starts today

The 25th session of the UNWTO General Assembly opens today to chart the path for a sustainable tourism recovery. UNWTO Secretary-General, Zurab Pololikashvili, will present his Report to the Assembly, outlining how the Organization has led the global tourism response to the unprecedented crisis caused by COVID-19 as well as programmes instituted to build a robust global tourism sector.

"Let's harness the full potential of tourism to get back on track"

The Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, applauds the efforts of the UNWTO, and urges global tourism industry stakeholders to join hands.

Voices from the international community endorse the 25th UNWTO General Assembly
A glance at today's activities
What's the meaning of today's Plenary Sessions of the General Assembly?

Today's Plenary Sessions set the scene and discussions for what will be the pathway to recovery of the tourism sector as well as the growth of the sector. The Secretary-General Report, which includes the Programme of Work, will outline the progress of the Organization's flagship projects and other developments since the last General Assembly.

What is the Report of the Secretary General?

The Report gives as a comprehensive overview of the past, present, and future activities, as well as the challenges and priorities of UNWTO across various areas. It covers a wide range of topics such as sustainability, innovation, investments, education, and statistics among others.

Time change ⚠ Get ready to meet the new Best Tourism Villages by UNWTO!

19 October, we will unveil the extraordinary marvels of rural tourism, as all is set to meet the Best Tourism Villages of the 2023 edition. Keep an eye on UNWTO channels to discover, greet and celebrate the new rural destinations that make sustainable tourism a driver in the development of local communities.

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