UN Tourism News #37 | General Assembly Special Edition

UN Tourism News #37 | General Assembly Special Edition

UN Tourism News

- General Assembly Special Edition -

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24th UNWTO General Assembly

Tourism leaders from all regions arrived in Madrid for the 24th Session of the UNWTO General Assembly. Ministers of Tourism were joined by representatives of international organizations and from across the private sector for the first truly global tourism meeting to be held since the start of the pandemic, with innovation, education and investments high on the agenda.

24th UNWTO General Assembly: Tourism United, Resilient and Determined
24th UNWTO General Assembly: Tourism United, Resilient and Determined
Over the course of three days, the 24th session of the UNWTO General Assembly underscored global tourism’s commitment to restarting around the shared pillars of sustainability, innovation and solidarity.
UNWTO Members Support Leadership and Back Plan for Tourism’s Future
UNWTO Members Support Leadership and Back Plan for Tourism’s Future
Member States strongly aligned themselves behind UNWTO’s leadership and vision for the sector. Members approved the Organization’s Programme of Work and endorsed key initiatives designed to build a more a resilient, inclusive and sustainable tourism.
UNWTO Members Support Leadership and Back Plan for Tourism’s Future
UNWTO Points Tourism Towards a Greener
UNWTO Points Tourism Towards a Greener, Inclusive Future at General Assembly
Innovation, youth empowerment and tourism and rural development took centre stage as Spanish Prime Minister Sánchez joined UNWTO at the General Assembly in Madrid.
Travel restricitons
UNWTO Calls Against Blanket Travel Restrictions
UNWTO called out against the introduction of blanket restrictions on travel, as witnessed in recent days. During the 24th General Assembly, countries from all global regions expressed their solidarity with Southern African states, calling for the immediate lifting of travel bans imposed on specific countries and for freedom of international travel to be upheld.
Travel Restrictions Update
Greater Legal Protection for Tourists Promulgated
To restore confidence in the tourism sector, UNWTO, Member States and other key partners have moved a step further to safeguard tourists with the approval of the regulatory framework of the International Code for the Protection of Tourists. The code has developed minimum standards and consumer rights for tourists in emergency situations a special Committee was formed. In all, 98 Member States and Associate Members as well as 5 non-member States, international organizations and leading private sector stakeholders actively participated on this landmark project.
King of Spain Hosts Tourism Leaders at Gala Dinner
Ahead of the official opening of the 24th Session of the UNWTO General Assembly, the King of Spain Felipe VI welcomed Ministers and heads of delegation at a gala dinner at the Madrid City Hall. His Majesty reiterated his support to the activities of UNWTO and its leadership as it strives to get tourism moving again.
UN and International Community Backing

Emphasizing the significance of the General Assembly, as well as UNWTO’s elevated stature within the global agenda, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres welcomed delegates. and called for them to work together for a “green, inclusive, sustainable” future. His words were echoed by the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, by Rebeca Greenspan, Secretary-General, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), by Juan Carlos Salazar Gómez, Secretary-General of the International Civil Aviation Organization, and by Vice-President of the European Commission Margaritis Schinas.

Travel Restrictions Update
UNWTO Announces ‘Best Tourism Villages’ 2021
The best examples of villages embracing tourism to provide opportunity and drive sustainable development were celebrated at the General Assembly in Madrid.
Travel Restrictions Update

A discussion on empowering the tourism leaders of the future, with reference to the UNWTO Students’ League, featured contributions from the Ministers of Tourism for Bulgaria, Lebanon, Maldives and Oman, as well as students themselves.

Video Competition
2021 UNWTO Tourism Video Competition Winners

The best examples of destinations harnessing the power of tourism for sustainable development have been celebrated in the 2021 UNWTO Tourism Video Competition.

Travel Restrictions Update
43th Affiliate Members Plenary Session

This Plenary Session of UNWTO Members reviewed the work done in the past year. It also presented the Programme of Work of the Affiliate Members Department for 2022, which has benefitted from valuable contributions.

The next session of the UNWTO General Assembly will be held in the Uzbekistan city of Samarkand.

Bali in Indonesia will host World Tourism Day 2022, to be held around the timely theme of ‘Rethinking Tourism’, as approved by the General Assembly.

Travel Restrictions Update
Executive Council – 115th session

Officers for 2022
Chair: Côte d' Ivoire
First Vice-Chair: Saudi Arabia
Second Vice-Chair: Mauritius

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