Travel and Tourism Tech Startup Ecosystem and Investment Landscape

Travel and Tourism Tech Startup Ecosystem and Investment Landscape

The tourism ecosystem and its multi-dimensional nature, combined with the dynamic nature of investment capital presents a complex picture, making understanding and measuring tourism investments challenging. In addition to the sub sectors inputs and outputs of tourism, there has also been a growth of capital flows towards Travel Tech startups despite the fact that they are not considered (TNC). They have been generating information signals to the FDI markets. This might generate evidence on the shifts from traditional investments towards non-traditional investments in the tourism sector.

In this regard, the UNWTO Travel and Tourism Tech Startup Ecosystem and Investment Landscape provides insights for understanding the travel and tourism tech investments and the travel and tourism startups, delving into the relevant features and considerations.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Travel and Tourism Tech Investment Landscape Provides an overview of the Investments during COVID-19; emphasizing on the investment by top travel and tourism industries, including community and lifestyle, commerce and shopping, transportation among others; and delivers an outline regarding Top Investors and Venture capitalists by geographical location.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Travel and tourism tech startup landscape This chapter aims to provide a complete overview of the tourism tech startups, segmenting it them by: key technological verticals as general research and book services, E-commerce and marketplace platforms and mobile applications; by geographic location emphasizing on the deals by region; by startup unicorns including the Top 50 travel tech unicorns per country; and by trends and venture capital outlook.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: UNWTO Travel and Tourism Tech Startups This chapter seeks to provide insight on the activities being carried out by UNWTO and show new opportunities travel tech startups could contribute with for reviving tourism. In this regard, this chapter offers an overview of the UNWTO Innovation Ecosystem and the Impact of the UNWTO Startups challenges and Competitions. Furthermore, it is provided a summarized data of the top UNWTO tourism startups participants in terms of distribution by region, countries, and gender.

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Top 100 UNWTO Startup Competitors

Top 100 UNWTO Startup Competitors- FULL LIST

To obtain more detailed and insight information regarding the top tourism startups, the total sum of top startups was narrowed down to 100, representing the most outstanding proposals, selected by the UNWTO Innovation Team of Experts after a process of rigorous examination and scrutiny. The selection criteria focused on the milestones reached by the startups in terms of growth, impact, technology development, funding raised and new investors, before and after participating in any of the UNWTO challenges or competitions.