Call: Trainers for the Improvement Phase of UNWTO.QUEST

Call: Trainers for the Improvement Phase of UNWTO.QUEST

Call closed
UNWTO Academy is looking for trainers for the UNWTO.QUEST Improvement Phase of a DMO in the United Arab Emirates, which will take place from June to August 2023 in ONLINE format, on the following topics: 

  • Sustainable Tourism 
  • Destination Management Organizations 
  • Tourism Risk Management and Crisis Communication
  • Sustainable Tourism and Conservation of Biodiversity
  • Heritage Tourism for Sustainable Development
  • Global Code of Ethics for Tourism
  • Competitiveness and Tourism Development
  • UNWTO.QUEST system
  • Destination Governance
  • Governance and Stakeholder Engagement for Sustainable Tourism
  • Frameworks for tourism investment
  • Local Tourism Awareness as a tourism development strategy
  • Design of Tourism Awareness campaigns for non-tourism business and local community
  • Cultural Diversity and Inclusion in Sustainable Tourism
  • Sustainable Practices for entrepreneurs 
  • Sustainable Practices for Guiding
  • Sustainable Practices for MICE
  • Sustainable Practices for Cultural Tourism

The candidates must have the following skills:

  • have been trained as a quality auditor for tourism destination management organizations 
  • have participated in an onsite audit for tourism destination management organizations 
  • have at least 15 years of public/private experience in aspects related to the topic of the training 


  • have in-depth knowledge on the subject 
  • have experience in training in a practical and interactive manner
  • know how to deliver online training 
  • speak and work in English fluently
  • know UNWTO programmes, especially UNWTO.QUEST, and about UNWTO Academy

The selected trainers must offer the following services, with the support and supervision of UNWTO Academy: 

  1. Prepare the tailor-made sessions with their relevant documentation based on the outcomes of the UNWTO.QUEST pre-audit, and following the criteria and concepts of UNWTO and UNWTO Academy
  2. Deliver the topics applied for 
  3. Hand out the required and necessary documentation to the DMO staff for the proper development of the training sessions
  4. Do other tasks for the successful development of the training sessions
  5. Write a report of the improvement phase, with recommendations

If you wish to apply, please fill out this form: before 15th May 2023. 


NOTE: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.