Three Member States Compete to Host 24th UNWTO General Assembly in 2021

At the close of this 23rd General Assembly, the host country for the 24th Session will be announced – and an unprecedented three Member States are in the running. Over the next three days, Kenya, Morocco and the Philippines will present their candidacies, both here in UN Tourism News and during the lunches they will each host.

Here, Kenya, a full UNWTO Member since 1975, presents its candidature: 

Positioned along the Equator, in the east of Africa, Kenya is a hugely geographically diverse country, with a coastline on the Indian Ocean, vast Savannah Grasslands, lakes, the Great Rift Valley and the mountainous Highlands. It’s one of the leading tourism destinations in Sub-Saharan Africa and is popularly known as the place of the original authentic African Safari and as the “Home of the Big 5” (lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo and cheetah).

Kenya is a “Magical Destination”. It’s endowed with more than 60 National Parks and reserves, over 500km of pristine sandy beaches, a wide range of cultural and historic attractions, as well as its warm and hospitable people and a highly-skilled hospitality workforce.

In line with UNWTO’s vision, Kenya is leading the way in Africa in promoting safe and seamless travel, enhancing the role of technology and innovation in tourism and embracing the global Sustainability Agenda. Kenya is a pioneer in greening its tourism sector, advocating plastic bans in its National Parks and introducing measures to improve energy efficiency and reduce waste and water usage. At the same time, Kenya is also working to ensure tourism is a leading employer of local people, with increased local hiring, and the country is also using tourism as a tool for protecting local culture and the natural environment.

Kenya is in a strong position to host international conferences and major events, including the UNWTO General Assembly. The country is politically stable, with an open democracy and revamped infrastructure. It is a safe and secure all-year-round tourist destination, with excellent international travel connections and an electronic visa system that promotes accessibility. Alongside this, Kenya boasts a vibrant economy and warm, hospitable people, a highly-skilled hotel and hospitality industry and the country is also a leader in innovation. Karibu Kenya!

Kenya will host lunch at the Tauride Palace today, 14:00-16:00